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Yolo - Sterling Silver Wide Double band

$ 48.00

Sterling Silver ear cuff. Wear single or on both ears. Substantial cuff that shows up well. One piece that when worn with open side to the front will keep everyone guessing how many cuffs you're wearing. Rounded edged make them very comfortable to wear. This is the wides band of the 3 double band ear cuffs we make. You can check out the more narrow double bands elsewhere in our shop. Slides on ear from well above where it is actually worn.
To put it on, start near the top of the ear and catch the rim of your ear. Once there, slide down while rotating it forward in an effort to catch the inside if your cartilage. Think of it as fitting yourself with a cuff bracelet: you catch it over one side of your wrist and twist it to get the other. Best fit is with the smallest opening with which you can still slide it on: here think of a ring on your finger: the right size is when it is a little tough to get it over the knuckle but comfortable once it settle in the right place.
Can be worn on 1 or both ears.

VERY IMPORTANT; if you feel the need to adjust the opening of the earrings please do so in very small increments. You’ll be surprised how little it takes to make a big difference.

Free shipping in the US. Comes in a pretty little box.

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