Trinidad - Triple the Fun

Trinidad - Sterling Silver, Triple the Fun

$ 210.00

Sterling Silver pair of non-pierced earrings. Distinctly left and right earrings. We make these from scratch and the surface of the disks are hand hammered so will show slight variations . Very striking design.  Fits very similar to ear cuffs, with the difference that these drop down further along the earwell. Very comfortable to wear. A great alternative to clip-on earrings.

Also available in Gold Filled.

Every pair of Illuzio earrings comes in a box which has been treated with an anti-oxidant. Great in helping you preserve that shine on your silver longer before needing to clean the earrings. The lid is clear for easy identification of its contents. The earrings are mounted on an instruction card with the left and right earrings marked. In case you purchase just a left or a right they'll be marked accordingly. You can reach the diagram by removing the card from the box. The step by step instructions should help you get the earrings on without much trouble. If you’d like a 3D explanation, please visit this video where we demonstrate these steps:

VERY IMPORTANT; if you feel the need to adjust the opening of the earrings please do so in very small increments. You’ll be surprised how little it takes to make a big difference.

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